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Develop Us Communities believe strongly in promoting Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (ESDGC). ESDGC has seven key themes: choices and decisions, climate change, wealth and poverty, consumption and waste, health and wellbeing, identity and culture and the natural environment. It is a key agenda for the Welsh Government (WG) to develop young people in this area. Develop Us Communities is passionate about ESDGC and promoting the WG key agenda. This will be achieved by implementing community social enterprise projects within schools, youth clubs and various organisation who support young people and enable them to become active citizens within their community. Develop Us Communities also aims to include all ages and will explore funding opportunities to allow the whole community to follow the principles of ESDGC.


  • Work with individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds to support them with a strong focus on ESDGC, employability and life skills training;
  • Support those who are unemployed into work whilst enhancing their transferable skills and by taking part in community projects;
  • Promote enterprise community projects, such as Adult Learning Week;
  • Organise workshops for students and organisations, supporting young people in the community to develop ESDGC, life skills and employability by delivering workshops.

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