Community Horse

A Develop Us Communities Project



Brachady Lane Padlock has been used by individuals as a place where they illegally temporary store their horses. These habits have been consistent for several years.

It’s not uncommon to see horses come and go here. However, this mare has stayed longer than usual and was left with her harness. Leaving locals assuming that she is no longer wanted by her owner. Resulting in them taking action, to work together to look after the mare. 

RSPCA have asked the owner to take responsibility. Failing to do so could result in the mare being destroyed.


Community Impact

The community regularly work together when horses are abandoned at the lock. Locals visit daily to feed, water and provide attention to the horses.

The horses provide many benefits to community elders which minimise sole isolation for some of them. It’s not uncommon for them to make a daily visit to the padlock – a positive outcome for their mental health and well-being.

Observations conclude that young people are also engaged with the horse too. It has been reported that many teens provide the horse with positive attention.



Develop Us Communities will be leased temporary ownership of Brachdy Lane Padlock, from Cardiff City Council.

Develop Us Communities is a registered Community Interest Company who will help support volunteers in the community to engage with a project to prevent the horse being destroyed.

This movement will also ensure that vulnerable and isolated individuals in the community will be able to continue visiting freely, which will support their mental health and wellbeing.

No available funds are available to support this project. People from the community have said they will make regular donations to ensure that the upkeep of the horse if maintained.

There is possibly scope to introduce a second horse which will give her company as well as breaking the trend for horses being left her illegally for periods of time.


Community raised funds will be used to:

  • Purchase equestrian supplies (inc. feed and bedding in the winter months);
  • Provide veterinary care when needed;
  • Purchase gardening maintenance equipment;
  • Install and maintain of a water supply which will provide clean water supply;
  • To build a shelter which provides safety in extreme weather conditions.

Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteers in the community can engage with the project by:

  • Maintaining the land;
  • Hosting fundraising events to collect funds to maintain the project;
  • Maintain the horse with grooming activities.


Next Steps…

Cardiff Council are interested in the proposal and now want to know how many people will be volunteering and their duties.


Phone: 02921 690 047
1 Downlands Way, Cardiff, CF33BY
Registered Company in England and Wales (11391198)