Employability Skills

Our employability courses aim to enhance employability skills of people with additional learning needs seeking or already in employment. They will teach essential employability transferable skills.

Half Day

Understanding Personal Finance for Employment

This course will provide you with an understanding of personal finance in relation to employment income. You will learn about terms used in job advertisements, work out weekly wage from an annual salary and how to understand your payslip.

Alternatives to Paid Word

This course will allow you to recognise alternatives to paid work and the development of skills and qualities these can bring. During the course you will also explore opportunities in your area and how to apply for them.

Understanding Conflict at Work

This course will give you an understanding of conflict in the place of work and how this can be prevented.

Building Working Relationships in the Workplace

This course will help you recognise diversity and understand the importance of interacting positively with people in the workplace. The learner will be able to interact productively, seek feedback and implement an improvement plan.

Career Progression

This course will develop an understanding of what is required in order to progress in a career that interests you. You will also become familiar with various types of career progression resources and guidance, and the various work or study options they offer.

Introduction to Health and Safety Awareness in the Workplace

This course will introduce health and safety and its importance in the workplace. You will learn about the legal responsibilities and how it is enforced.

Effective Skills, Qualities and Attitudes for Learning and Work

This course will allow you to recognise positive qualities, attitudes and behaviours for learning and work and understand your own development needs.

Rights and Responsibilities in the Workplace

This course will help you understand that employees have rights and responsibilities and why health and safety rules are important.

Full Day

Career Planning and Making Applications

This course will help you to identify and apply for a suitable job, training programme or course.

Job Searching

During this course, you will find out how to make choices about the most appropriate ways to search for jobs and the most appropriate types of jobs to search for, based on an understanding of your own skills and abilities.

Interview Skills

This course will explore various interview techniques. It will also allow you to acquire good basic communication skills needed for an interview as well as being guided through a post-interview reflection.

Applying for a Job

This course will teach you how to apply for a range of job vacancies. You will also look at the importance of presenting job application information in an appropriate and accurate way. This course will also prepare you with the skills to compose a professional CV.

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